Buy Additional Photos from your Casting Shoot

  • After your Photo Session you can decide to buy Additional Pictures. You can also buy All Pictures from your Shoot
  • You can also have your Edited Pictures delivered with our Express Service (within 3 days)

Pictures in "Album Quality"

Your pictures will be perfect for an Album, to be used Online / Social Media, to be sent to your friends ald relativesetc. Your photos will be cropped, the contrast and the illumination/brightness will be adjusted. They will be delivered in High Resolution, digitally.

Additional Pictures

In Album Quality


€ 25,00

€ 20,00

Pictures in "Magazine Quality"

Your pictures will be Thoroughly Edited according to the Highest Standards; Magazine Quality. Your photographer will carry out a number of actions to make your photos look perfect:


  • detailed retouching of the skin, the body, the background / surrounding / scenery
  • digital backdrops / filters / overlays / atmosphere creation will be used
  • cropping of the pictures, adjustment to the contrast, the illumination / brightness / color intensity
  • elimination of imperfections, irregularities, disturbing objects and shadows
  • depending on the type of the shoot effects can be used e.g.; dreamy effects, confetti, inscriptions, stars and many more.
  • etc.

Additional Pictures

In Magazine Quality


€ 30,00

€ 25,00

All Pictures in "Album Quality" 

Quality & Editing: as described above

All Pictures

In Album Quality

€ 500,00

€ 249,00

Express Service

Delivery of Edited Pictures within 3 working days

€ 79,00

€ 59,00