Vacation Photographer's Portfolio

During your holiday you will make hundreds of photos with your smartphone. You will make selfies of yourself and friends. It's easy. It goes automatically. You don't even have to think about it.  And here's the thing: allow us to capture a few hours of your holiday in stunning pictures on unique locations of the Netherlands.

Your holiday will soon end but the photographs will last forever. 

Fotoshoot Rotterdam

Aneta Chocholak & Kamil Gorak

Telefoon: 06-43738394     (ook voor WhatsApp)

ADRES van onze studio:

Pleinweg 236A, 3083 EZ Rotterdam 



Fotoshoot Rotterdam is een geregistreerde en beschermde handelsnaam en is eigendom van onderneming BabyFromParis, KvK- nummer 70488398. BabyFromParis is bij de Belastingdienst geregisteerd onder BTW-nummer: NL002445729B43


Ons rekeningnummer is:    NL03 ABNA 0828 0185 02    t.n.v. Fotoshoot Rotterdam

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