Business & Product Photography Tips & Tricks

I'm an experienced photographer so please, let me give you some tips & tricks to make your pictures perfect and the shoot as efficient as possible.


First of all, please arrive on time. Any delay caused by you will reduce our reserved time for your photo session.


You have decided to present your business, product or brand in a professional, convincing way. And it's our photographers' duty to fulfill this goal.  


How do we at Fotoshoot Rotterdam prepare ourselves for your photo shoot?

First of all you and our photographer will discuss your expectations, goals, ambitions. We want to get to know your company, products and business better. Our photographers will also have suggestions for your shoot and will present their course of action. Our goal is that you and our photogapher have the same objective in mind.


Where can we do your photo shoot?

Everywhere. You and our photographer will decide what is the best location for your business & product shoot. This will depend on the objectives of your shoot. 


What about make-up and hair styling?

If there are persons to be photographed then our experienced make-up artist and our hairdresser will fully prepare you for your photo session. See our proposition here.


Can I choose my pictures (which will be edited and delivered)?

Yes. You are the only one choosing your stunning photos. Then our photographer will edit them and deliver them to you.


How do I receive my photos?

They will be sent digitally to you via WeTransfer. Your pictures will be professionally edited in high resolution.  


What if my business photo shoot is outside and the weather gets worse?

Well, it seems to be a problem but it isn't. We have two options:

1. Reschedule your shoot

2. Your shoot takes place in our professional studio

We do not charge you extra for rescheduling.