Options to your Glamour Shoot

Complete your Photo Session with these Options:

casting photography with backdrop

Option 1


Rent our Unique Sceneries

Our experienced Photographer will 100% match our Sceneries with your Style & Preference


Unlimited choice of Sets of Props, Decorations, Dresses, Gadgets, etc.


During your shoot it's possible to do 1-2 Complete Sceneries / Dress Changes so you can have 1-2 different Styles, Themes in one Photo Session.


 There are different Sceneries and they consist of many different Props, Dresses, Items, Balloons, Masks, High Heels, Umbrellas, Champagne Glasses and hundreds more. 


You order our Sceneries during your booking for only  59

Option 2

Professional Make-Up




Option 3

Hair Styling


Glamour Shoot Gift Vocher

Choose your Gift Voucher

€ 50,00

  • Beschikbaar/Available
  • Levertijd: 1-3 dagen/Delivery time: 1-3 days

Express Service

Delivery of Edited Pictures within 3 working days

€ 79,00

€ 59,00