Get Money Back!

Get up to € 100 back on your shoot

How does this work? Well, very simple. 

You book your shoot (with options like Propos, Sceneries, or Make-Up, etc.) and you get your Discount. Your Discount depends on what you spend.


The more you spend, the higher your Discount!


You can use this Discount yourself or give it to your Friends & Loved Ones!

Just send them a link to this page or forward our mail.


Your Discount Your total Spend
€ 100

€ 500 or more 

For example: if you spend in total 500 euros, we reduce it to 400 euros!

€ 50

 € 300 or more

For example: if you spend in total 300 euros, we reduce it to 250 euros!

€ 25

  € 200 or more

For example: if you spend in total 200 euros, we reduce it to 175 euros!


How can you (or your Friends) Book with a Discount?


Choose your Shoot on our website & Book Online


After your booking send us a message via WhatsApp or Email

(you'll find it on every page in the footer)


In your message you put your name and date/time of the booked Shoot



We'll process that very quickly and we'll provide you immediately with a Discount.


Your Discount will reduce the total price of your Shoot (with Options). The Discount will be according to the overview above.


This Discount only applies to new bookings and does not apply to existing bookings.